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Caring for the physical and mental health of our kid's. Whether it’s extended health care, kids life insurance, critical illness, or a travel insurance solution, Kix360° is an immediate enhancement to any insured plan.

Kix360° is a differentiator

Parents deserve a trusted pediatric care solution. Kix360° gives them 24/7 access to pediatric healthcare experts through messaging and video calling. With Kix360°, parents have peace of mind and can focus on being their best – at home and at work.

Top-rated Pediatric Care

4.8/5 patients reviews from Google, Facebook, and our families.

Empower parents in their careers and at home

90% of medical issues are resolved virtually with a KixCare pediatric expert.

A whole family approach to health and wellness

58% of parents in the workplace burn out from pressure at home and at work.

Tailored KixCare pediatric healthcare solutions for Insurers.

Employer Sponsored

Adding Kix360° to your benefits offering provides working parents and grandparents access to 24/7 virtual pediatric care. KixCare will work with you and your advisors to design a plan based on the size of your clients’ organizations.

Employee Funded (Voluntary)

Give your clients preferred access to Kix360° at no cost to them, with special rates on a company-wide voluntary enrolment program. Employee funded is eligible for reimbursement under most Health Spending Accounts, so both your clients and their employees benefit from Kix360°.

Customizable Solution

Customize and embed KixCare for your organization's specific needs. Our solutions focus on flexibility and personalized care, offering a variety of options beyond traditional benefits to meet the diverse requirements of your clients and advisors.

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What People Say About Us

Top-rated pediatric care.


"I’m blown away by my first experience with this team on this platform - it was easy to sign up & get started, the NP was well informed and provided clear next steps, including the appropriate referrals and market the issue with the appropriate level of urgency. More than happy to help promote this service & platform - it’s what our Canadian Healthcare system should be."

Lynzey P.

"I love Kixcare!!!! It is so helpful to be able to have medical care for my children at the touch of a finger. We are all better now , thanx to the caring nurses and thier ability to quickly write prescriptions and diagnose the issue. One of my boys has severe respiratory issues and I was so realized I didn’t have to wait hours in the ER. Kept us out of the hospital and safe at home!”

Kerry M.

“We had the BEST experience using KixCare. We were lucky enough to get a cancellation appointment that came available 45 minutes after we called. Dr Michaud was amazing – she was kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and she arrived to the virtual call on time…”