Single Pediatric Care Appointments

KixOne provides timely pediatric care through video calls, available 7 days a week.

Our specialized nurse practitioners offer secure, convenient appointments to ensure your child's health concerns are assessed quickly. A diagnosis, prescription, and referrals can be provided for your child’s health needs, when required.

Pediatric care at your fingertips

Our nurse practitioners are ready to support your pediatric concerns – from urgent care needs to growth and development.

A detailed health assessment including diagnoses, prescriptions, and referrals, when required.

Care navigation and referrals as needed to specialized professionals such as mental healthcare.

Same-day* appointments for efficient, personalized care.

*Subject to availability


For Families* Starting at


per month, HSA eligible**

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24/7 unlimited virtual access

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Coverage for all kids in the home ages 0-17

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Personalized care and parenting support

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Comprehensive physical and mental healthcare  

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Support across six core areas

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Timely access to our allied health professionals

For Families


per visit, HSA eligible**

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One-time, single-child visit

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Physical and mental healthcare

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Referrals to specialists

*Customized pricing for businesses. Book a discovery call to learn more.

**KixCare services are eligible for reimbursement under most Health Spending Accounts. Talk to your workplace benefits provider to confirm coverage details.

The KixCare Team

Our team is equipped to help with all issues in kids and includes pediatric care experts who have trained at some of Canada’s top pediatric hospitals.

What People Say About Us

Top-rated pediatric care.


"I’m blown away by my first experience with this team on this platform - it was easy to sign up & get started, the NP was well informed and provided clear next steps, including the appropriate referrals and market the issue with the appropriate level of urgency. More than happy to help promote this service & platform - it’s what our Canadian Healthcare system should be."

Lynzey P.

"I love Kixcare!!!! It is so helpful to be able to have medical care for my children at the touch of a finger. We are all better now , thanx to the caring nurses and thier ability to quickly write prescriptions and diagnose the issue. One of my boys has severe respiratory issues and I was so realized I didn’t have to wait hours in the ER. Kept us out of the hospital and safe at home!”

Kerry M.

“We had the BEST experience using KixCare. We were lucky enough to get a cancellation appointment that came available 45 minutes after we called. Dr Michaud was amazing – she was kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and she arrived to the virtual call on time…”