A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Seasonal Germ Pit: Caring for Your Sick Child at Home

February 27, 2024

Written by: Ashton Thornton, RN, BScNHaving a sick child at home is no fun. Whether it’s an unexplained fever, influenza, covid, gastroenteritis or something else (the list can feel endless) use these KixTips from our Pediatric Nurses will help guide you to know you are giving kids the care they need.Remember, if you’re ever unsure or concerned about your child, it’s always best to speak with a KixNurse or other healthcare professional for guidance.

Symptomatic Management and Treatment:

KixTip 1: Rest

Make sure your child gets plenty of rest to help their body fight the virus. Tired and low energy is ok. As long as they wake and respond to you appropriately.

KixTip 2: Hydration

Offer a variety of fluids frequently throughout the day. Small frequent sips of water, clear soups, and oral rehydration solutions will help prevent dehydration. Keep an eye on how often they pee, if they haven’t peed or had a wet diaper in 6 or more hours, check in with your KixNurse!

KixTip 3: Fever

If your child has a fever, give them Tylenol (acetaminophen) and/or Advil (ibuprofen). Be sure to follow the dosing instructions for the child’s age and weight. If you aren’t sure which to choose, we have a blog for that! Also, one of our nurses has a video on which med is the best choice, to help get you on your way!

KixTip 4: Cough and Sore Throat

Offer warm liquids, like honey mixed in warm water, to soothe their throat. Note: Avoid giving honey to children under 1 year old.Tylenol or Advil are not just for fevers! They can also help with sore throats. If you can’t figure out why your child is refusing eating or drinking and they can’t tell you. Try giving some medication and see if they are more willing to eat and drink after an hour or so.

KixTip 5: Nasal Congestion

Use a nasal suction to clear their nose if they’re too young to blow it. Saline nasal drops can also help loosen mucus. Sleep with the window open to let the cool air in. The cool air helps their airway and lessens coughing and secretions.


KixTip 1: Cool Mist Humidifier

Use a humidifier in their room to keep the air moist, which can help with breathing and secretions.

KixTip 2: Elevated Sleep

If your child has a cough or congestion, raising their head slightly with an extra pillow can help them breathe more comfortably.

KixTip 3: Regular Hand Washing

Teach your child to wash their hands often to prevent the spreading of the virus to others in the home.

Activities at Home:

KixTip 1: Quiet Play

Engage in quiet activities like colouring or watching their favourite shows to keep them entertained without using too much energy.

KixTip 2: Story Time

Spend time reading stories or talking to your child about their favourite things to keep their spirits up.

KixTip 3: Gentle Play

If they feel up to it, engage in gentle play like building with blocks or playing with soft toys.

KixTip 3: A Short Walk

Fresh air and sunshine will always do the body good.

Note: Each child is different, so some of these KixTips might work better than others. Keep an eye on your child’s symptoms and if they seem to be getting worse or aren’t improving, speak to a KixNurse or seek medical attention.

Whenever your child is sick, it’s not only worrying but it can throw the whole family schedule into chaos. Whether you have a family doctor or pediatrician, or not. The waits can be frustrating, and the time off for appointments and sick days stressful. When you are worried about your child, even a few days can feel like forever. Wouldn’t it be great to have knowledgeable practitioners available 24/7 to help navigate this? Just a quick message or video chat away from peace of mind?WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!With our Kix360 service, we have Pediatric Nurses available 24/7 to give support and assess your child. If your child needs more, our Nurse Practitioners can assess, diagnose, prescribe and get your child on the road to recovery. We even liaise with your existing HCP provider (if you have one) so your child continues to have the complete circle of care they deserve! Join our Kix360 service today!

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